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Surface inspection and counting

Welcome to Sensor Instruments
"Surface inspection and counting"

Your task is to measure gloss, turbidity, contrast, or structures? This is the right address for you!
We provide various inline types for the respective measurement method.
And true to our motto "Let's make sensors more individual" we of course will be pleased to specifically adapt our standard products to meet your requirements.
Another advantage for you: Our edge detectors and light barriers allow you to perform high-precision detection and counting tasks of your products even under harsh environmental conditions.



Exhibitions dates 2018:
  • Control, Stuttgart
  • Smart, Vienna
  • automatica, Munich
  • Fakuma, Friedrichshafen
  • SPS ipc drives, Nuremberg


Important notes about
software updates:


New sensors:
L-LAS-LT-...-SL-P Series
L-LAS-LT-...-SL-L Series



New applications:
Application-News N° 633-634
  • Soot quantity measurement on filter paper
  • Glue line control on printed paper


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