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Gloss detection sensors
GLOSS Series

Inline Gloss Meters (GLOSS Series)

In addition to the RLS-GD series another range of inline gloss meters is now available with the GLOSS series.

While the RLS-GD series is characterised by an extremely high insensitivity to extraneous light and focuses on a large detection range and thus on high optical integration (optical low-pass), the GLOSS series attaches importance to a small detection range (about half the size of the RLS-GD series). The GLOSS series thus has a higher local sensitivity (lower optical low-pass effect) and is considerably faster and more compact than the RLS-GD series.
Five different types are available with standard angles of 20°, 60° and 85°, as well as 45° and 75°, which predominantly are used in the paper industry. In addition to the analog outputs the GLOSS meters also have digital outputs that can be used for teaching.

Standard measurement angles
Various standard measurement angles are available for the gloss sensors of GLOSS Series:
20°   for high glossy surfaces (gloss grade >70 GU)
45°   TAPPI standard (paper industry) for glossy surfaces
60°   for moderate glossy surfaces (gloss grade >10 GU and <70 GU)
75°   TAPPI standard (paper industry) for matt surfaces
85°   for matt surfaces (gloss grade <10 GU)

[GU = Gloss Unit]


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New applications:
Application-News N° 635-638
  • Direction control of plastic caps
  • Color differentiation of rearview mirror housings
  • Differentiation of fabric and alcantara interior components
  • Color control of trims


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